We're so excited to announce our newest hydration service, HydrateLoft!

So many of your friends and neighbors across Charlotte know Hydrate Medical as the QC's exclusive personal hydration service. IV hydration treatments can help you bounce back from whatever is holding you down.

Sure, it's hip. Yes, it's cool. And, yes, you can now receive this amazing and awesome lifestyle service in the South Ballantyne and Indian Land region. (You can thank us later.)

HydrateLoft at BRC is full service and staffed by our highly trained and professional emergency room registered nurses. It includes everything you need from our larger Hydrate offices, as well as our Wellness and Brain Recovery treatments. It’s just in a smaller location. It's cute, just like you.

In just 45 minutes, we’ll treat you like the mogul, celeb and rock star that you are! Let us help you bounce back from whatever is holding you back.

Try our new Hydrate Lyme Detox for $279. This powerful drip is packed with detoxifying antioxidants to help clear brain fog and boost energy. Or hook up (sorry, we had to say it) with our new Hydrate Helper for $125. This drip reduces inflammation and aides in immune system regulation.